Thou Art

Below is a poem that I wrote a couple of years ago that I would like to share with my brothers and sisters in Christ. I was truly led by the Spirit in the composition of this, and I personally think it is quite beautiful. Know that words like these don’t come of myself, but through the inspiration of the Spirit of Christ in me, which stirred my heart to such a poem.

P.S. I was reading a lot of A.W. Tozer at the time, so that explains some of the Old English verbiage :-)…

Holy Spirit

Thou Art a poem by Keith Ross


I am covered with the blood of sprinkling, the blood of Jesus, worthy is Lamb

Your Spirit fills me, Your life covers me

Just as is the life in the blood, Your life covers me, You indwell me


How great and worthy Thou Art, O God of fire and glory!

I am clothed in Thy righteousness, in Thy precious blood

I put on Your robe, Your very essence I wear, ingrafted into all that You are, and in awe I stare


Glory to Thy blessed name, which is above all names, O King of Kings

I tremble in Thy greatness!

I fall at Thy feet and worship! Utterly wrapped in Your arms of love, “Abba Father!” my spirit cries, to my Daddy above


Father, Spirit, Son… Trinity & unity in one

Lamb of perfection and grace, for which I run the race

O heavenly Zion, how I long for you

Sick is my heart, longing to be home

In the presence of the Almighty, to see Your face, to taste the Living dew, O my God how I long for You


Fire in heaven, Light of the World

I am betrothed to Thee!

I the empty cry “fill my cup with that which overflows”, the piece that has been missing, which only the Bridegroom knows


As You speak Light, the darkness cannot comprehend

As if looking into a mirror, being transformed by Your story, I am changed by grace into the likeness of glory

This living sacrifice I offer with thanks and love, if acceptable, O God consume with fire from above


Fill this temple with Your presence manifest

Indwell, fill, consume with love, peace, joy, and waters from above

I consume Thee for every meal, this life everlasting I can taste

Longing for more of Thy glory and grace.


Thou cannot draw more near to me, this I see is clear

Thou Art more near to me than I am to myself, my Jesus, my Dear!


Glory to Thee God of Israel, for this grace multiplied!

I am ever so humbled & thankful for the day we were crucified!

O God let our hearts never drift apart, for I know that “i am”, only because “THOU ART”!

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