I believe the Lord sang us into existence


After doing some research in the Strong’s Concordance of the Bible for the word “workmanship” from Ephesians 2:10, I found that we actually get the word “poem” from the Greek “poiema”. This really spun me into some good meditation on what this means, to be God’s creation, His workmanship, this “poiema” which He was the Arthur of, His bride… US! Knowing our Lord, how deep, how endlessly deep (“Deep calleth unto deep…” Psalms 42:7) His thoughts and ways are I knew there was more to it. So I prayed and mediated on it.

I was then given a revelation… I could see the Lord singing us into existence, literally, with His Words as Light, His poiema coming out, being spoken… no, “sung” into existence. Oh how beautiful I thought, how radiant the world must have been, all of creation in blissful worship of a good and Holy God, with which there was no fracture in the communion nor the creation… just true open intercourse with God! I could just see the flowers turning towards the light, blossoming constantly with different colors, Oh the sound and the joy upon the earth. What a sight it must have been! PRAISE GOD!

I got to wondering if anyone had written a song about it (me being a musician, I was putting some lyrics together, or my own “poiema” about my meditations), and searched around for “poiema” on some music sites to see if anyone had written a song about it as well. I ran across this album by Poiema, a christian band, “Your Life Through Me” and bought it, and I absolutely love it! I have been waking up to the song “Faithful Love” each morning for a few days now during my devotionals and time with the Lord. I love the words “The sun says wake up, it is my delight, to remind you of our maker by bringing shining you this Light… The sun says wake up, here’s another chance, to learn about the Savior and discover His romance”.

Oh yes, praise the Lord, “His romance”! My heart melts when I think about the Bridegroom, how the bible is truly a love story, to know I am betrothed to the One who knows me and loves me more deeply and completely than any other ever could. Take some time to meditate on the romantic poiema that the Lord has laid out for us, how much He loves us, I am convinced that we are truly blessed above all creatures!

I just wanted to share this with you guys. I know it has been such a blessing to me. I often think about what an amazing and indescribable scene it must have been as the Lord spoke… I mean SANG: “Let there be…”!

This is why I believe the Lord sang us into existence…


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    • keith.ross says:

      Hi Chester, I got your comment that was caught by the spam filter and approved it. Sorry about the frustration, there is so much blog spam I require manual approval before anything will post. Feel free to drop me a line anytime, and I do plan on publishing some articles I have been working on for a while in the near future.

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